Welcome to the MM4C Prayer List

Thank you for visiting the MM4C Prayer List.  If you’d like to follow our prayer blog, look for FOLLOW (lower right corner).

Staff, volunteers, and patients may add prayers needs to the prayer list.  Please read the “About” page first for rules.  Then hit “Leave a Reply” to submit a message.  Requests will be screened before posting.  Updates and requests to remove a posting may be done in the same way.

Visitors are encouraged to leave comments.  These will be screened for appropriateness before being posted.  Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the MM4C Prayer List

  1. Stacey ONeal

    Please pray for Thomas B. (a patient) who recently lost his nephew. Thomas was the person who found his body, so he is really going through a difficult time with this.

  2. Stacey ONeal

    Please pray for Sandy. She is a friend of one of our volunteers. Sandy has breast cancer and upcoming surgery. Please keep her in our prayers for comfort and healing.

  3. Stacey ONeal

    PRAISE REPORT: Update on “JV”, a patient at MM4C, who was patiently awaiting God’s guidance as she considered how to best serve Him. JV has embarked upon a new journey, relocated out of state, with new employment. JV wishes to thank everyone for keeping her in our prayers!

  4. Sherry Bowling

    She has devoted her life to help those in need, personally and spiritually; asking for nothing in return. Please send prayers for Carolyn to find God’s wisdom and comfort during this trying period in her life.


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